Who We Are and What We Do

The Assessors' Association Of Pennsylvania was founded in 1948 by a group of county assessors with the intent of promoting more education and professionalism. Today, the AAP has grown to become a leading association offering a wide variety of services for county assessors.

The AAP Mission is to:

  • improve assessment practices in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • provide for the collection, distribution, and exchange of information relating to the field of assessing among its members
  • improve public relations
  • inform members of legislation intended to improve assessment functions
  • cooperate with other interested agencies in the promotion of the objectives of this Association
  • encourage a fair and just distribution of the tax burden

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Board of Governors

  • Anne Shaffer, CPE
  • Anthony Liberato, CPE
  • Danielle Maust, CPE
  • Holly Martz, CPE
  • Jacob Ostrom, CPE
  • James Spohn, CPE
  • Joan Fitting, CPE
  • Josh Zeyn, CPE
  • Michelle Mack, CPE
  • Nick Angiolieri, CPE
  • Rachael White, CPE
  • Renee Firestone, CPE
  • Robert Roland, CPE
  • Sarah Byers, CPE
  • Stephen Gallo, CPE


  • Angelia Tennies, CPE
  • Catherine Voda, CPE
  • Charles "JR" Hardester, CPE
  • Cindy Treible, CPE
  • Deborah Crawford, CPE
  • Holly Martz, CPE
  • Jonathan Schuck, CPE
  • Josh Zeyn, CPE
  • Kristin Montgomery, CPE
  • Mark Kellerman, CPE
  • Robert Roland, CPE

Executive Board

  • Josh Zeyn, CPE
    AAP President 
  • Rita Yannayon, CPE
    AAP President Elect
  • Sarah Byers, CPE
    AAP Vice President
  • Michelle Mack, CPE
    AAP Treasurer
  • Kristin Montgomery, CPE
    AAP Secretary
  • Jennifer Pettina, CPE
    AAP Immediate Past President