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AAP receives numerous article submissions and requests throughout the year. AAP cannot include every request received, but each request will be given equal consideration. If the topic is chosen, AAP staff will contact you following the review, but due to the volume of requests AAP is unable to contact individuals submitting topics not being used. Topics not selected for a particular article will be kept on fi le for one year from the time delivered to AAP and will be reviewed at each editorial meeting held during that time period. AAP reserves the right to alter topic content and/or add additional article content to a suggested piece. AAP can not compensate authors for articles submitted for publication. By submitting an article, you are granting copyright permission to publish the article in the AAP Journal. *Author’s may request an electronic manuscript/reproduction of their article, as it appears in the newsletter following publication. Please note: As part of its copyright agreement for the AAP Journal, the Assessors’ Association of Pennsylvania (AAP) grants the authors the right to place the fi nal version of his/ her manuscript on the author's website subject to AAP’s standards, or in a public digital repository, providing credit is given to AAP Journal. When posted on property owned by the author (i.e. a website), the author should accompany the article with a tag line reading “this article is provided courtesy of the AAP Journal, a publication of the Assessors’ Association of Pennsylvania.” The tag line should also state the issue date of the publication where the article was originally printed. Note that the article is a reprint with AAP’s permission, but in no way constitutes an endorsement of the products or services off ered by the vendor. The AAP logo shall not be reproduced or included in the online manuscript in any way.
I have read the above policy/procedures. I would like to request an electronic manuscript/reproduction of your article, should it be published.